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Adult Literacy (Adult Basic Education) initial 12-week Program

Foundational Literacy

Our foundational literacy program is built upon the impressive and pioneering work of Dr. Frank Charles Laubach. His teaching methods, best recognized in the “Laubach Way to Reading” series, have successfully taught millions of people to read across approximately 103 countries. We heavily incorporate Dr. Laubach’s brilliantly structured literacy instruction and ‘learning-by-association’ techniques into our curriculum. Following his step-by-step approach, we ensure adult learners gain the essential reading and writing competencies needed for everyday life.

The program begins with a core phonics curriculum, introducing sound-symbol relationships using keywords and pictures as memory aids. We then systematically develop skills like vocabulary, word analysis, reading comprehension, and writing practice through correlated lessons and readers. And as students attain independence in decoding, we phase out the pictorial cues and advance to more complex skills, including irregular spelling and grammar. Comprehension and critical thinking exercises are increasingly emphasized to build reasoning abilities.

Student Outcomes

Overall, our basic literacy curriculum is designed to engage adult learners through a structured progression – starting with the alphabet and phonics, building fluency and comprehension, and developing problem-solving and higher-order thinking capabilities.

Our “ABC to GED” approach has allowed our students’ successes to reach well into the hundreds over the past six years.

Learn more about the work and life of Dr. Frank Charles Laubach.

ESL/ESOL (specific classes designed for adult ELL) 24 to 36-week program

Tailored Curriculum for ESL and ESOL Learners

Our literacy curriculum workbooks and practical real-life application study guides are specifically designed to accommodate ESL (English as a Second Language) and ESOL (English as a Second Other Language) learners.

ESL Classes for Adult English Language Learners

Our ESL classes for adults are ideal for the English Language Learner (ELL) who needs help with the acquisition and proficiency of the English language. Our ESL curriculum, combined with a structured format, is presented within an environment that stimulates and engages the ELL student through a practical approach.

Practical Approach to English Language Mastery

As we utilize this technique, the student learns the core of the English language while implementing the life application skills needed to comprehend the English language nuances. This practical approach allows ELL students to not only acquire the fundamentals of the language but also apply them in real-world scenarios, ensuring a well-rounded and effective learning experience.

GED Preparation 12-week module

GED Preparation Program

Our comprehensive GED program equips adult learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain their high school equivalency credential, officially known as the State of Alabama High School Equivalency Diploma. Across our various class locations, we provide students with a wealth of resources, including study materials, test-taking strategies, and practice tests, to ensure their success.

Program Structure

The program is structured as a 12-week module, during which students receive personalized guidance and support. Each week, an evaluation is conducted to assess their progress and provide tailored feedback, ensuring they remain on track throughout their learning journey.

Pathway to Success

As students progress through the program, they will have the opportunity to take an online GED practice test. Upon successful completion of the prep program, including this practice test, they will be well-prepared to take the official online GED Exam.

Personalized Approach

At the conclusion of the 12-week module, a comprehensive evaluation is conducted to determine the student’s next steps. Based on their performance and individual needs, recommendations may include additional preparation or proceeding to take the GED examination. Our personalized approach ensures that each student receives the support and guidance they need to achieve their educational goals.

We rely on donations from the community and local businesses to help us provide the necessary curriculum books, supplies, and learning materials.   Donations from our generous donors provide the necessary funding needed for an adult to take the GED exam. We would encourage you to use this link to sign up and become a monthly gift subscriber today (Become a Monthly Gift Subscriber). If you own a business and would like to help, you may use this link to sign up today (Local Business Literacy Supporter).

Family Literacy

Our family literacy classes are designed for parents who want to integrate their children into the learning process. The parent and child will engage in an interactive literacy curriculum appropriate for the child’s respective grade level. Adhering to the Adult Education and Family Literacy Act, our program follows the position that: (1) a parent is the child’s first teacher and role model, and (2) the term “parent” refers to anyone fulfilling the responsibilities usually associated with the parenting of a child or children over a sustained period.

Additional Classes Available: 

Introduction to Computer & Digital Literacy (Basic Instruction) 4-week program 

This course will take the novice learner on an introductory journey into the world of navigating the use of basic computer functions. You will gain and develop safe online browsing habits while exploring the vast number of benefits that are associated with understanding computers. Of importance in this course, you will gain first-hand knowledge that will place you in the driver’s seat of the vast world of technology.

Introduction to Financial Literacy 6-week program

Our Introduction to Financial Literacy class is available for adults aged twenty-one and older. We will cover the basics of understanding and controlling your money. You will also be presented with practical principles for each lesson found in the workbook and acquire strategies to better manage your money in your daily life. You will also learn to track your income and expenses, make smart money decisions, and understand techniques to reach your goals.

Employee/Employer Literacy Workshops

This program is designed for business owners, companies, or organizations who may have a current employee, staff, or team member who requires literacy assistance to excel further in their employment and career. Our workplace literacy program will coordinate with your company and then determine the best time to set up our literacy services within the confines of your company’s facility. This program will prove especially impactful for businesses that may have employees who need specific academic help as it relates to improving and enhancing their comprehension, numeracy, and digital literacy skills.

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