Our Mission:


Founded in April 2018, Birmingham Jumpstart is a grassroots organization with a mission to serve the local community by providing learning curriculums that will improve and enhance the academic skills of our adult neighbors.


In the city of Birmingham alone, there are a plethora of programs that primarily focus on children and their literacy needs. However, our program places a concentrated and intentional focus on adults through improving their literacy and academic skills. Our beginner literacy curriculum builds off the fundamental work of Laubach. His teaching methods have taught millions of people to read. Additionally, our literacy curriculum is ESL, (English as a Second Language), friendly. 

Click to learn more about Frank Charles Laubach.


More advanced learners take the TABE test to access their grade placement. Following the test, they are given a personalized curriculum, (under Alabama state education standards,) and begin preparation for the GED.

Our GED program prepares students for their High School exit exam. Our classes provide study materials, test-taking strategies, and practice tests. Scholarships are available to provide funds to take the GED test. 

Currently, Alabama is ranked 50th in education. Our state's lack of education negatively influences our community. Lower education rates create higher probabilities for crime, depression, and recidivism. Birmingham Jumpstart's goal is to foster an empowering, education-based community for our city. By investing in people, we hope to create a better, more vibrant community for everyone. 

We are offering weekly classes every Monday & Tuesday night, and twice on Thursdays. All adult classes are available at no charge and are open to the public.

Birmingham Jumpstart fully understands the importance, freedom, social connection and power of an adult obtaining an education. By donating time or monetary funds, you are empowering a person to reach their goals. Perhaps it is an adult learner being able to read their prescription or a book or giving a young adult a second chance at obtaining their GED for trade-school or continuing education, or an immigrant learning English with an end goal of citizenship. Whoever comes to us for aid in academics will receive our undivided attention.

Birmingham Jumpstart, Inc. is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible. Our Tax ID is #82-5339629. Partner with us today as we seek to eradicate adult illiteracy and improve education in Birmingham, Alabama.  

Education is a human right for everyone, everywh

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Here's a great way to support our nonprofit and mission work in the community. We ask of you to take a moment to visit our Charity List on AmazonSmile. Here you will find a list of our current classroom and office supply needs as we work to eradicate adult illiteracy from our communities. We truly appreciate your support of our program. 

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