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Our Mission:

Birmingham Jumpstart, Inc. is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. As a local, grassroots organization, our mission is to serve the local community by providing a learning curriculum that will improve and enhance the literacy skills of our adult neighbors. Our basic adult learning curriculum is primarily built upon the foundational work of Frank Charles Laubach. His teaching and learning methods have proven extremely successful over the years. To learn more about Frank Charles Laubach.

Further, as we daily build upon our mission, we intend to continually frame our city as a better, more vibrant, community for everyone. However, we recognize that this challenging, even lofty, undertaking will not be accomplished without generous contributions from you and the extraordinary labor of our dedicated and caring volunteers. 

Currently, we are offering weekly adult literacy class sessions every Monday & Tuesday night and twice on Thursday afternoons. All adult basic literacy classes are open to the public and always free. 

We believe that by focusing on the eradication of adult illiteracy we will, in turn, serve to counter additional related societal issues. Among them, for example, is that of the rampant recidivism rate. Consider the tag-team duo of adult illiteracy and recidivism behavior that has plagued so many in our communities throughout Birmingham, Alabama. This vicious cycle must be brought to cessation, but it starts with just one person willing to step up and volunteer their time a couple of days out of the month. As such, we are asking you to consider taking some time from your busy schedule to volunteer as an Adult Literacy Tutor and join our “Eradicate Illiteracy" campaign for 2019. 

Birmingham Jumpstart understands the importance and power of adults operating from a fully literate capacity. Imagine the joy of helping an adult learner read a book from cover to cover or knowing that because of your donated time an adult learner can now read their medicinal prescription label or even follow the instructions of a recipe with complete confidence. 

Having the ability to read and write with ease is a blessing that is so often taken for granted by so many. Join us today and help us eradicate adult illiteracy in 2019 from the city of Birmingham, Alabama.  

With your support and our continual efforts, we are actively working in Birmingham to make a difference. Our use of the Laubach learning/teaching model is empowering adults by improving and enhancing their literacy skills one class session at a time.  

So Why Birmingham Jumpstart, Inc.?

Birmingham Jumpstart has been created to aid in the eradication of adult illiteracy, reduction in the recidivism rate, and to develop job placement skills for adult learners needing our assistance. If there is a specific area of town where you feel Birmingham Jumpstart's services may be needed, please email or give us a call today. 

And, it is for this reason, all our classes will always remain free and open to the public for those who need our help!

Join our cause and support Birmingham Jumpstart, Inc. today as we eradicate adult illiteracy in 2019. 

Therefore, we are sincerely appealing for your support to assist us in accomplishing such an important task. Please consider donating: Adult Basic Education materials, classroom or office supplies or through a tax-deductible donation to our nonprofit organization. 

Every donation contributed to our local grassroots nonprofit makes a difference in the life of an Adult Learner here in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Stacey Brian Lewis

Founder, Director

Birmingham Jumpstart, Inc.

O: 205-774-6100

M: 205-365-3642

Free Adult Literacy Classes in Birmingham

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