Our Mission

What We Believe:


We believe that education is a human right for everyone.


We believe that adults who gain or improve their literacy and academic skills exhibit heightened self-confidence in their everyday lives. We believe that with this boost in confidence, adults are better equipped to adjust to the imbalances and different circumstances that they may be facing in society.


We believe in celebrating our Jumpstarters who dedicate their time, busy schedules notwithstanding, to empower adults on their path to literacy. We also know that they do not seek the reward of recognition but the simple joy of helping others grow. To us, however, their impact is worth recognizing and celebrating. We believe that our Jumpstarters are true literacy champions.


We believe that businesses and individuals who financially support our community work, to improve and enhance our adult neighbors’ academic skills, should be recognized for their contribution for elevating the community. And contrary to popular belief, they do not have to do it.


We believe adults who choose to improve their literacy skills demonstrate immense courage and determination. Their learning journey is a testament to their strength. We believe in engaging with them from an empathetic, not sympathetic standpoint. That is, we put ourselves in their shoes and acknowledge the challenges they face from their perspective. Therefore, we celebrate their victories and support them through setbacks, while fostering a positive learning environment.

Once they have experienced firsthand the importance of empathy, dignity, and respect during their learning period, they are now positioned to share the same level of support with others who embark on a similar educational path.