Are you passionate about what we’re doing in the local community?

Do you desire to make your community better through the gift of literacy?

That is great to hear!

We do too!

We are currently seeking Jumpstarters (volunteers) who genuinely exert a heartfelt passion for helping adults succeed in their learning, growth, and development in education. When you work with adults, we know that it can sometimes be challenging, however, we also want to remind you that the rewards far outweigh any challenges or difficulties incurred.

If this sounds like you, then we want to hear from you. We are inviting you to join our team for an incredibly great, even life-changing cause. And as we partner together our combined efforts will tremendously increase the positive percentage points to eradicate adult illiteracy from the local neighborhoods and communities.

We also believe wholeheartedly that those with the desire to give back and dare to become a difference-maker have so much to contribute to the local community. Therefore, as a Jumpstarter (volunteer) in our program, you will experience first-hand how your labor of love will have a tremendous impact on the students we have the pleasure of working with each week.

We invite you to sign up today and get the ball rolling on an adult’s educational journey.

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