Sponsorship Opportunities

Bronze Level Sponsorship – $1,500

This level sponsors two adult students who are pursuing their basic literacy education. This sponsorship package includes the adult curriculum books/workbooks, and classroom supplies for each of them to learn uninterrupted for the 2023 year.

Silver Level Sponsorship – $2,500

This sponsorship level benefits three adult students who are pursuing their GED credential. This sponsorship package will provide funding for three (3) sets of the 8 GED-study workbooks, three TI-30xs calculators, three practice GED exams, classroom supplies, and three official GED exams. As a sponsor, we will update you on the student’s progress, which will provide you a unique opportunity to follow along, until the GED credential is obtained.

Gold Level Sponsorship – $3,500

This level sponsors four adult students pursuing their adult literacy skills and GED exam. Students can study at their own pace and take the GED exam when they feel most confident to do so.

Platinum Level Sponsorship – $5,000

This is the ultimate level of sponsorship. This level allows multiple students to enroll and pursue their Adult Literacy, ESL, GED, and/or Digital Literacy skills. This sponsorship level is vital as it allows us to purchase multiple adult curriculum books/workbooks, GED workbooks, multiple TI-30xs calculators, and literacy academic workbooks all based on the goal of the enrolled students’ desired objective.

Rhodium Level Sponsorship – $10,000

This sponsorship opportunity provides support at the pinnacle level for our nonprofit organization. This sponsorship includes support for all facets of our current programs, services, community events, and operations.

Select Your Sponsorship Level
Certificate Recognition

Every level of sponsorship includes a framed certificate with your business name proudly displayed, your level of sponsorship, and the quarter that we receive your sponsorship. For example, sponsorships received in February will reflect First Quarter Sponsorship (the first quarter is Jan-Mar), or sponsorships received in July will reflect Third Quarter Sponsorship (the third quarter is July-Sep). When possible, sponsorship certificates are presented in person with photos captured for future public recognition celebrations. In addition, you will be recognized in our email campaigns, social media platforms, and additional mailings and promotions.