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Are you passionate about what we're doing in the local community? 


Do you have a strong desire to give back to help make your local community better? 


Great! Use the form below to become a Jumpstarter today! 


We are currently searching for motivated tutors to help make the “Adult Learning Made Easy” motto an everyday reality. After you sign up and we have your contact information on file, we’ll help you find ways to volunteer that best suits you, your skill level, and your schedule.

Make no mistake about it, everyone can contribute, (in some capacity), in assisting others on their journey towards continued growth and learning. As such, your volunteerism will play a pivotal role in helping an adult learner (student), achieve this goal. 


Again, we will utilize your unique skill set to tutor others from a level that is equally comfortable and convenient for you and your scheduling. Through our tutoring process, we foster an environment where there is one common goal: “Help someone improve his/her literacy skills to improve his/her life.”


Therefore, we strongly ask of you, if you have the passion to see others succeed and a fervent desire to be a positive contributor in an adult's life, then come partner with us today and experience your passion transforming into an opportunity of hope for others.

We have several aspects as to how you may volunteer through our Jumpstart program. And, with an "easy in, easy out" policy, we make it super easy for you to discover where you are most comfortable getting plugged in and changing the life of an adult student.

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