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We are currently seeking motivated tutors, special event planners, literacy advocates and community organizers for adult literacy, marketers, and community fundraiser coordinators to join with our team for a great cause. As we partner together with you, our combined efforts will tremendously increase the percentage points to eradicate adult illiteracy from the local neighborhoods. 

Without a doubt, we believe that those with the desire to give back and dare to become a difference-maker have so much to contribute to the local community. As such, when you volunteer with our program, you will experience first-hand how much your efforts will make a huge difference.

Again, we will utilize your unique skill set that will help to empower adult students as they travel on their literacy journey. Whether you are volunteering to help with marketing, fundraising, administration, special (community) events, or as an adult literacy tutor, your efforts will certainly be tremendously appreciated.   

As a Jumpstarter with our program, we have one common goal: help an adult student enhance and improve their academic skills in the local community. Therefore, we strongly ask of you, if you have a passion to see adults excel in their academic learning, then partner with us today. You will experience both your passion and desire transforming into a wonderful opportunity of hope for so many in our local communities.

As mentioned above, we have several opportunities available for you to get involved with our program. Once you become a volunteer, we will ensure that you feel comfortable and fulfilled in your role. If not, let us know. We will happily assist you in finding a different role that may be more suitable to you. Besides, our "easy in, easy out" approach eliminates your worries about getting properly plugged in and placed in the right segment. And, we will provide the necessary training to help you throughout the process.

So, join us today and help us change the life of an adult student! Fill out the form below.



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Here's a great way to support our nonprofit and mission work in the community. We ask of you to take a moment to visit our Charity List on AmazonSmile. Here you will find a list of our current classroom and office supply needs as we work to eradicate adult illiteracy from our communities. We truly appreciate your support of our program. 



Your support and contributions will enable us to continue offering free adult basic literacy classes in the local commuity. 

Consider making a donation today and further support our mission to Eradicate Illiteracy in 2019.